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Igbo (Ibo)
Social Life & Customs

Ala-Umuokoroala: The Divinity of an African Igbo Village
by Rev. Dr. A. M. Okorie


Igbo Kitchen
Igbo Kitchen

Great site for Igbo language and culture:

For pictures of Igbo villagers, take a look at G. I. Jones -- Igbo Music, Shrines and Architecture by John C. McCall.

Igbo Marriage (Emekuku, Imo State) provided by Dr. Rose Mezu

Igbo wedding:

Igbo (Ibo--Nigerian) Names & Their Meanings: The Standard e-Dictionary of Igbo Names

(An alphabetical listing and translations of Igbo names; includes gender). Compiled by Dele Chinwe Ukwu, Librarian, Long Beach City College Library

palm oil for cooking

Palm Oil for Cooking

Mud house
This is a picture of a mud house in an Igbo village.
Notice the cement blocks in the front of the house implying
that this mud house may be soon replaced by a new/modern house.

Igbo People including links to essays contributed by

- Igbuagha Okuko (Naming/Thanksgiving Ceremony)

- Ihanyekwa nwanyi (Retaining a daughter for procreation in the family)

- Women Climbing the Palm Tree
Igbo People: Clothing & Cosmetic Makeup
at the Time of Things Fall Apart
written by Dele C. Ukwu in consultaion with Anthony Ikebudu http:/

Igbo People: Igbo Culture and Socialization
collated by Uzoma Onyemaechi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Visit this site if you are interested in learning more about some of the issues or items mentioned or addressed in Things Fall Apart, such as osu, oru, kolanut, etc.

Igbo People (Nigeria) & Their Beliefs or Views About Suicide
by Dele Chinwe Ukwu and Anthony I. Ikebudu

Igbo Political Systems (Title Men Obi/Eze functions; Female administrative titles; Recognition of old age; Position of elders)
Collated by Uzoma Onyemaechi

Igbo 'Traditional Rulers': Chieftaincy and the State in Southern Nigeria
Axel Harneit-Sievers

Ikenga Art as Historical Record

Marriage Among the Igbo of Nigeria by Celestine A. Obi
Drawing water from a well
This is a picture of a water well in a village in Igboland.
There is a woman drawing water from the well.
Water collected may be poured in a water pot.
My Memories of the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War "Osondu agwu ike" compiled by Dele Chinwe Ukwu

NigerianNation. Ethnic Groups.

Nutritional Materials for the Igbo Language
(Food pyramid, etc. in the Igbo language)

Onitsha Ado: Names and Meaning

Religion And the Igbo People
Well & Clay Pot in an Igbo village, Nigeria
Clay Pot for storing water, Igboland, Nigeria

The “Rite of Passage” Celebration or
“Coming of Age” in Igbo land
By Victoria Nneka Agu Edited by Dele Chinwe Ukwu

Urhobo Historical Society. Other Nigerian Interests (Related sites)
by Dr. Peter P. Ekeh.

Widowhood Among The Igbo of Eastern Nigeria
by Chima Jacob Korieh

Woods Museum Nigerian Research
-- Includes information on: Ikenga, Ofo, Mmuo mask, and so on.
Igbo Kitchen
Another Igbo Kitchen
Kola Nut

Kola Nuts

Learn more about kola nuts and their significance to the Igbo people
(Note: You may read the above linked-page in print preview since the background is black).

Learn more about the kola nuts and their significance to Igbo people:
Diaspora Dimensions in Kolanut Communinion by Dr. M. O. Ene

Kola nut
(significance in Things Fall Apart) by Stan Walker

Isu oji - Omenala Ndi Igbo by Theresa Okewuihe

Ripe and Unripe Plantains


Preparing food for sale
Women preparing food for sale
roasting corn for sale
Women roasting corn for sale
Akara sellers
"Akara" (beanball) sellers frying akara for sale by the roadside


Dele Chinwe Ladejobi Ukwu