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Welcome to Chiamaka.Com

African Language and Culture
and African Marketplace


Nno (Igbo (Ibo), Nigeria) Ekabo (Yoruba, Nigeria) Sannu (Hausa, Nigeria)


Well & Clay Pot in an Igbo village, Nigeria
Clay Pot for storing water, Igboland, Nigeria

is an Igbo name. It means "God is great - wonderful - beautiful ..." Although Chiamaka is a personal name, I chose it as the name of my websites after several considerations for many reasons. First, it combines the names of almost all members of my family. Second, it is unique, uncommon, and easy to pronounce. Third, it is quite simply a beautiful name.

I come from a rich and proud ethnic background. I value nature and treasure its beauty. I am greatly attracted to fabrics/textiles (as if this news will come as a surprise to all who know me). Our African fabrics have vibrant colors and are most often named after something or someone, signifying their importance as part of our lives.

I will be honored to receive your comments. Please drop me a line. Thank you for visiting.

Dele Chinwe Ladejobi Ukwu